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Blending Art & Science

About Us

The University of Michigan’s Center for Organogenesis unites scientists from many fields who work together to study organ formation, organ function and organ disease. The goal of our research is to use new information gained from these studies to design new and effective strategies to treat disease and repair damaged organs. In the course of this work, we use the microscope and special stains to examine tissues for alterations in structure or function that are characteristic of health or disease. We often marvel at the beauty of these tiny biological structures and share them with you here as Bio-Artography, a fascinating combination of art and science.

On this site, you can purchase images displayed at the Ann Arbor Art Fair Bio-Artography Booth. Proceeds from the sale of this work will directly support graduate and postgraduate training at the University of Michigan Center for Organogenesis.

2013 Bioartography Jury Selection Committee

Bradley R. Smith, Ph.D., Professor of Art, Associate Dean, Creative Work, Research and Graduate Education, University of Michigan School of Art & Design

Deborah L. Gumucio, Ph.D., Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology and Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics

Theresa Reid, Executive Director, College of Engineering and ArtsEngine

Linda Samuelson, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, Associate Director of the Center for Organogenesis

Santiago Schnell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology and Research Associate Professor of Computational Medicine and Biology

Maureen Devine, NCRC Art Program Coordinator

Deneen Wellik, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Cell and Developmental Biology and Assistant Director of the Center for Organogenesis

Rebecca Pintar, Administrator, Center for Organogenesis